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The latest trend in the event industry is the advent of roaming and mobile photo booths, transforming traditional event photography into an interactive and dynamic experience. These innovative photo booths have the remarkable ability to bring the fun anywhere, allowing guests to capture unforgettable moments on the move. Our Roaming Photo Booth services, unlike stationary booths, allow our mobile counterparts to roam freely throughout the event space, ensuring that no memorable moment goes uncaptured. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate gala, or festive celebration, these roaming photo booths add an exciting element of spontaneity, encouraging guests to engage with each other while creating lasting memories.  


What is a Roaming Photo Booth

These photo booths are often popular at events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, and festivals, where they can capture spontaneous moments and interactions among guests. They offer a more dynamic and interactive experience compared to traditional photo booths, as guests can engage with the photographer directly and have their photos taken in different areas of the venue.


Featured Filled Options

Roaming or mobile photo booths can also provide instant printing or digital sharing options, allowing guests to receive their photos on the spot or share them on social media platforms. Overall, they add an element of fun and entertainment to events while creating lasting memories for attendees.


A Boomerang photo booth captures a series of photos in quick succession and combines them into a looping video that plays forwards and then in reverse, creating an engaging and mesmerizing effect.


A GIF photo booth also captures a sequence of photos that are stitched together into a short, animated loop. Similar to Boomerang booths, GIF booths offer a playful and interactive experience for users

A.I. Background

With AI backdrop removal users can now pose against any background or even in an empty space, knowing that the AI algorithms will remove the original background and replace it with a new one of your choosing.


Glam photo booths are a sophisticated and luxurious take on the traditional photo booth experience. Designed to add an element of elegance and glamour to any event creating a memorable and stylish photography experience.


All Inclusive Packages

The roaming and mobile photo booth trend is undoubtedly leaving its mark on the industry, promising endless possibilities for unforgettable gatherings

Atlanta Mobile Photo Booth Rental

Evolution Mobile

Prices Starting @ $400.00

Frequently Asked Questions?

A roaming or mobile photo booth is a variation of the traditional photo booth concept that is portable and can move around an event venue. Unlike stationary photo booths that are fixed in one location, a roaming or mobile photo booth typically consists of a photographer or an attendant equipped with a camera, lighting equipment, and sometimes props, who moves around the event space to capture candid or posed photos of attendees.

One of the most attractive features of mobile and roaming photo booths is our ability to take interactive experiences anywhere and anytime. Outdoor events is where we shine. The options are limitless and the possibilities are endless. 

Absolutely, from our Studio Booth to Roamers, we can make your event or activation amazing. Roaming photo booths during cocktail hour, runway photos from a studio booth as your guest arrive. The combinations and possibilities are unlimited. Contact our sales team today for more information.   

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