Tamara Badson

Evolution Photo Booths - Team Lead

Tamara Badson

Tamara Badson

Meet Tamara Badson, the dedicated Team Lead of Evolution Photo Booths. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Tamara is at the forefront of delivering amazing photo booth events at every turn.

Tamara brings a wealth of expertise to the team, leveraging her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence. Her focus on curating exceptional photo booth experiences is evident in every aspect of her work. From conceptualization to execution, Tamara ensures that each event is a unique and memorable celebration.

Known for her creativity and hands-on approach, Tamara collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision and translate it into reality. Her ability to seamlessly blend innovation with client preferences has made her a standout leader in the photo booth industry.

With a background in event planning and a deep understanding of the latest trends in photo booths, Tamara strives to stay ahead of the curve, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to each project. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering, making her an invaluable leader in the Evolution Photo Booths team.

Tamara Badson is not just a Team Lead; she is a visionary who transforms Atlanta Photo Booth Rentals into immersive experiences, leaving a lasting impression on every guest. Under her guidance, Evolution Photo Booths continues to set new standards for excellence in the world of event entertainment.


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