Jackson Road Elementary’s Mother and Son Sneaker Ball

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Griffin Georgia What happens when you combine a vibrant community, a sprinkle of creativity, and a dash of nostalgia? You get an unforgettable event like the Mother and Son Sneaker Ball at Jackson Road Elementary in Griffin, Georgia. Sponsored by Sah Publishing Inc, Evolution Photo Booths was called in to make sure every moment was […]

Evolution Photo Booths & The Amazing McDonough Moms – Celebrating 5K

Moms in the City

Photo Booth Rentals Henry County GA: When it comes to creating memorable events, the McDonough Moms are second to none. From Henry County, GA they have created a local community for moms to make friends and participate in some super cool events.  The Moms in the City milestone event let all the women enjoy a […]

Giving Back – Nothing Beyond the 90’s

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Giving back a 360 Photo Booth Rental Atlanta Story. Every few months we circle an event on the calendar and offer our services in the form of a sponsorship to an amazing organization. It’s our way of giving back and staying connected to our community. Evolution Photo Booths is a pioneer in the field of […]

Social Celebration Photo Booths – The Amazing Fun of Evolution Photo Booths

Social Celebration Photo Booth

In the digital age, where we carry powerful cameras in our pockets, it may seem unnecessary to have a dedicated photo booth at social celebrations. However, these whimsical contraptions continue to prove that they are much more than just novelties. Social Celebration Photo Booths have carved a special place in our hearts and become integral […]

Modern Photo Booth Rental: The Value of Evolution Photo Booths

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Modern Photo Booth Rentals In today’s rapidly evolving world of event planning, where creativity and unique experiences are highly sought after, it’s essential to integrate innovative elements that captivate attendees and leave lasting impressions. Among the various event enhancements available, one standout feature that has gained immense popularity is the Evolution Brand of Photo Booths, […]