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Giving Back – Nothing Beyond the 90’s

Giving back a 360 Photo Booth Rental Atlanta Story. Every few months we circle an event on the calendar and offer our services in the form of a sponsorship to an amazing organization. It’s our way of giving back and staying connected to our community. Evolution Photo Booths is a pioneer in the field of event photography experiences sharing that gift just feels great. Recently, we extended our reach to sponsoring the Adult dance event “Nothing Beyond the ‘90s,” leaving attendees with unforgettable memories that extend far beyond the era of scrunchies and slap bracelets. Up to the task was our Evolution 360

Thank you Tamika Nichole @tamekanichole for having us.

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Evolution Photo Booths: 360 Photo Booth Rental Atlanta

Founded on the principle of making every event unforgettable, Evolution Photo Booths has been at the forefront of photo booth activations for decades. Our mission? To redefine how we capture memories. Our tools? A combination of cutting-edge photo booth technology and a commitment to providing an immersive and unique experience for attendees. With great customer service.

“Nothing Beyond the 90’s”: A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist

“Nothing Beyond the 90’s” is an adult dance event that pays homage to glorious eras. The amazing sounds of the 60s, the fun and free times of the 70s, the colorful memories of the 80s, and the music scene of the 1990s. With neon lights, pulsating beats, and nostalgia-infused outfits, attendees are transported back in time to relive the spirit of the music culture with a modern flair. Evolution Photo Booths saw this as an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between past and present, capturing the essence of the event with Evolution 360.

The event was held at the amazing Momentous Event Venue – Follow them on Instagram or visit their website today:

Photo Booth Galleries From the Event

Take a look at the Evolution 360 Photo Booth Gallery – The 360 Photo Booth Gallery

Take a look at the Evolution Roamer in Action – Evolution Roamer

Evolution 360 Photo Booth: 360 Photo Booth Rental Near Me

At “Nothing Beyond the 90’s,” Evolution Photo Booths brought their Evolution 360 Photo Booth to the party. This state-of-the-art booth is designed to capture memories from every angle, providing attendees with a truly immersive experience. With its ability to create 360-degree videos, this booth allowed event-goers to showcase their inspired dance moves and outfits in a whole new dimension. The result? A collection of memories that captured the energy and excitement of the event like never before.

Evolution Roamer: Snap and Roam in Style

Evolution Photo Booths didn’t stop at our 360 Video booth. We also introduced our Evolution Roamer, a roaming photography solution that added a touch of spontaneity to the event. Equipped with the latest camera technology, the Roamer seamlessly integrated with the dance floor, capturing candid moments, group shots, and impromptu dance-offs. Attendees were surprised and delighted by this dynamic approach to Photo Booth Technology, as it allowed them to take home memories that truly embodied the spirit of the night.

360 photo booth rental atlanta

The Impact of Evolution Photo Booth Sponsorship

Evolution Photo Booths’ sponsorship of “Nothing Beyond the 90’s” was a resounding success, leaving attendees with more than just memories—they had tangible, shareable moments to treasure. The innovative Evolution 360 Photo Booth and the dynamic Evolution Roamer brought a new level of excitement to the event, capturing the essence while keeping it firmly grounded in the present. By providing these cutting-edge photography experiences, Evolution Photo Booths not only enhanced the event but also added value for attendees.

In a world where nostalgia meets innovation, Evolution Photo Booths has proven once again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Photo Booth Marketing.  Sponsoring “Nothing Beyond the 90’s” showcased our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences and capturing memories like never before.

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