Evolution Photo Booth Visits the Sugar Shack Farms Bridal Show

Sugar Shack Farms

Sugar Shack Farms This past weekend, Evolution Photo Booth had the pleasure of showcasing its cutting-edge technology at the enchanting Sugar Shack Farm Bridal Show. Nestled in the serene beauty of Milner, GA, the Sugar Shack Farm is a hidden gem, perfect for couples seeking a picturesque and intimate wedding venue. Sugar Shack Weddings & […]

The Heritage Milford Family Farm host Evolution Photo Booths

The Heritage Milford Family Farm

As our 2024 Bridal Show Tour continues we had the amazing pleasure of visiting The Heritage Milford Family Farm. “What an amazingly cozy venue. The entire family is amazing and the views were spectacular”, said Shavonne Morgan, Evolution Brand Ambassador. The Milford Family Farm is a family-owned Cattle farm for over 200+ years. The farm […]