Evolution Photo Booth Visits the Sugar Shack Farms Bridal Show

Sugar Shack Farms

This past weekend, Evolution Photo Booth had the pleasure of showcasing its cutting-edge technology at the enchanting Sugar Shack Farm Bridal Show. Nestled in the serene beauty of Milner, GA, the Sugar Shack Farm is a hidden gem, perfect for couples seeking a picturesque and intimate wedding venue. Sugar Shack Weddings & Events offers a wide variety of event options: weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, corporate events, styled shoots and so much more. Inquire today to talk to our event specialist and let us bring your ideas to life. 

A Venue of Dreams

The Sugar Shack Farm, with its rustic charm and lush landscapes, provided a stunning backdrop for the bridal show. As guests wandered through the scenic pathways, they were captivated by the venue’s natural beauty, making it an ideal setting for weddings that blend elegance with nature’s splendor.

Evolution Photo Booths - Digital Booths
Sugar Shack Farms
Sugar Shack Farms

Showcasing the Latest in Wedding Photo Booths

Evolution Photo Booth proudly presented two of its most popular offerings: the Evolution 360 Video Photo Booth and the Evolution Digital Photo Booth. Both of these booths brought a wave of excitement and interactive fun to the event.

Evolution 360 Video Booth: The Evolution 360 Video Photo Booth stole the spotlight, enabling guests to produce captivating 360-degree videos that captured the essence of enjoyment from all perspectives. This immersive booth experience is ideal for weddings as it offers guests a distinct and memorable way to commemorate the celebration with captivating videos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

View the entire gallery of images and videos from the event here

Evolution Digital Photo Booth with AI Face Swap and Boomerang Technology: The Evolution Digital Photo Booth introduced attendees to the wonders of artificial intelligence. With AI face swap technology, guests could see themselves transformed into different personas. Guests could choose from the modern Cowgirl to a Handsome Cowboy, adding a playful and entertaining twist to their photos. Additionally, the Boomerang feature created short, looping videos that were an instant hit, capturing fun and spontaneous moments in a lively, engaging way. AI Faces swap can bring an exciting and fun component to your Wedding, creating characters that align with your theme, the options are endless.

Vendors in Attendance

The Sugar Shack Farm Bridal Show was a resounding success, with Evolution Photo Booths adding a touch of modern magic to the timeless beauty of the venue. As weddings continue to evolve, incorporating innovative technologies like Evolution’s photo booths ensures that celebrations are memorable, engaging, and filled with joy. Whether it’s through a 360-degree video or a playful AI face swap, photo booths are redefining wedding entertainment, making them an indispensable part of the modern wedding experience.

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